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" Kehen "

This temple lies at the southern foot of bangle hill at the north east of the city of bangle. The temple is luxurious with a veranda facing to the south. It is located at the northrn partof the main city of Bangli.

Pura Kehen, the state temple of the Bangli Kingdom,is terraced up the hillside. A great flight of steps leads to the beautifully decorated entrance. The first courtyard has a huge banyan tree with a Kulkul (wooden bell) hung its branches. Chinese porcelain plates were set in to the walls as decoration, but most of the originals have been damaged or lost (some of the replacements have quite incongruous old English design). The inner courtyard has an 11 roofed meru (multi-roofed shrine), and a shrine with thrones for the three figures of the Hindhu Trinity – Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu. The carvings are particularly intricate. This is one of the finest temples on Bali, like a mini Besakih; here you can walk into the temple.

Kehen temple
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