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" Bali Age - The old village "

Just 3 km from Candidasa is Tenganan, the old village in the district, Karangasem Regency. It is flanked by hill that is Kauh on its east and west. In its north are dry field and rice fields and in the south is Pasedahan village. It is about 66 km from Denpasar to the east or about 15 km to the west from Amlapura.

As an ancient village, Tenganan Pegeringsingan is identical with religious activities. Many temple festivals performed in this village that attracts visitors to come. The most famous one is “Mekare-kare” or “Perang Pandan”. This is a ceremonial fight or war using thorny pandanous leaves as the weapon. This festival usually takes place in relation to the celebration of “Sasih Kelima” or the fifth Balinese month. Much other uniqueness of custom and culture can be found here that make Tenganan worth to visit.

Bali Aga village (the original Balinese village).
The village which is 500 meter long and 250 meter wide and is surrounded by natural walls with only three gates. A walk through Tenganan is very interesting; you can witness how the villagers live, some temples, and some typical local architecture buildings. The inhabitants of this village live according to their ancient tradition and ceremonies .A magical cloth known as Kamben Gringsing is also woven here – a person wearing it is said to be protected against black magic. Traditionally this is made using “Double Ikat” technique, in which both the warp and weft threads are resisting dyed before being woven

Visitors will feel comfortable when visiting this area, for some facilities are available here, like food stalls, good toilets, arts shops and a quite large parking area. If we wish to have meal in restaurants or to spend the night near this area, we can go to Candidasa, which is only 3 km from this village.

Bali Age
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