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WANTILAN (Community Hall Pavilion)
The two- or three-tiered pavilion often found adjacent to the village temple is the town’s Wantilan (community Hall). It is usually has solid coconut wood columns and chunky proportions for the base, plinth, and roof trussing. The Wantilan is used for meetings, cockfighting, political rallies, and dance performances held as a part of village temple festival.

The Padmasana is an open seat-type shrine. It was introduced by the 16th- century Javanese priest Danghyang Nirartha. The more elaborate ones include the Hindhu-Budhist symbol of the cosmic turtle caught in the embrace of a pair of serpents. The shrine honors the god Sang Hyang Widi Wasa in his manifestation as the sun god.

Black and White
The black and white Poleng cloth symbolizes the polarity of positive and negative forces.

Men's Temple Cloth
Men wear a Kain Kamben wrapped around from the waist down covering the legs and rolled around the waist and tied with a flourish, the long fold falling between the legs and nearly reaching the ground.

Woman's Temple Cloth
Women wear a close-fitting, long-sleeved jacket called a Kebaya. A Kain Kamben, a rectangle of cloth about two yards long, is tightly wound clockwise around the waist, dropping to the ankles. A long strip of cloth or corset, a conspicuous Selendang, lot of gold jewelry, flowers in the hair and slip-on sandals complete the ensemble.

Shrine of The Rice Field
All Balinese people’s life aspects are personalized by Hinduism (especially those who are adhered Hindus. Shrine standing on each rice field is one to worship Dewi Sri, God in His manifestation to give welfare for the rice field.


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