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Bedugul-North Bali Tour
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Bedugul Temple in the lake
Ulundanu beratan templeTemple in the lake (Bratan Lake), the temple well known with Ulundanu Temple Ulun it's mean heart and danu it's mean lake, the temple dedicated to the Gods of lake or waters (Danu Goddes), the lake supply a lot of water to the rice field. The temple founded in 17th century by the King of Mengwi. In outside yard there is buddhist temple and big Banyan tree. This temple of the important temple in the mountain used for Nyegara Gunung ceremony, nyegara (ocean) and Gunung (mountain). The visitor can rent speed boat to around the lake.

Git git Waterfall
Gitgit waterfall - bulelengGigit Waterfall, drive through eastern of Lovina beach passed Singaraja city and follow the road to Denpasar we will arrive in Gigit Waterfall, the most highest waterfall with natural life surround. From the parking area need to walk one kilometer down path with many shops offered handicrafts and souvenirs. A lot of plantation grow up on the way include of the lush rice field, clove, coffee, papaya, vanilla and cacao plantation. About 60 - 70 meters high waterfall with bigger water flow during rainy season.

Lovina Beach
Lovina beach - bulelengLovina Beach, about three kilometers drive from Buddhist Monastery will arrive in Lovina Beach, on the way you may see a lot of grapes plantation grow up around Banjar Village, the name of Lovina became from the word of Love Indonesia (INA), the beach has black sand with small wave and the area the base of tourist object in north of Bali. Many hotels and retaurants built including small night life. The most populer activities here is to see dolphin early morning at 6.00pm with hire small boat or do snorkelling.

Hot Spring Pool at Banjar
Hot spring banjar - BulelengBanjar Hot Spring Pool, located in Banjar Village, hot spring (air panas) are only short distance from Buddhist Monastery. The water is slight sulphurous and hot, will be good to swim early morning or late afternoon. Must wear swimsuit and not allow to use soap. There are three pool, first pool a litle bit higher than the main pool another pool with water pours from three meter high spouts to give you back shoulder massage. Will be crowded when Balinese Holidays.

Buddhist Temple
Buddhist temple - BulelengBrahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Monastery, drive about 2 kilometers from hot spring throught Tegeha Village will be arrive in Buddhist Monastery. Painted with colourfull decoration very bright orange roof and Budha statues. The building carve with Balinese decorative carvings. Right of the top you may see the small Borobudur, the area very nice with beautifull view overlooking to Lovina Beach. Should be quiet and take attention to enter due to the people do meditation practice around the temple, wear sarong to enter the temple.

Munduk Village
Munduk villageMunduk Village has lovely bird eye view overlooking to rice field and plantation, there are a lot of plantation grow up surounded the village such as Coffee Robusta, Coffee Arabica, Avocado, Clove and etc. The village located in the high mountain with fresh weather. There is some hotel for overnight in this area.

Twin Lake (Tamblingan and Buyan Lake)
Tamblingan and buyan lake - twin lakeTwin Lake, Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake, the first stop in Buyan Lake to see colony of monkey around the street. Buyan lake the third biggest lake after Batur and Bratan. Next stop will be see the smallest lake Tamblingan Lake, will make a stop between Buyan Lake and Tamblingan Lake with the most beautifull view of lake and green mountain. Next stop will be near Munduk Village with bird eye view of clove, coffee plantation and rice terraces.
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