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Bali dive - Tulamben
These area have excelent coral wall with many species of fish. Some sites also have a great diversity of coral. The Tulamben shipwrack is the area highlight, offering unlimited photo opportunities at shallow depths. There is very slight current here. The beach entry over rock at the wreck dive site can be difficult if the surf is high.
Reef Type: Coastal reef, slope, wall and wreck. Acces: Beach entry. Visibility: Moderate to good, 15 - 30 meters. Current: Mild. Coral: Excellent, best hard coral in Bali. Highlight: USAT Liberty ship wreck. Other: The best site for U/W photographer

Bali dive - Amed
This rich and varied dive hosts a wide range of fish and coral species. You can start your dive from shore towards the eastern point of bay. Or you can get the local outringger. The fish life is vivid, with large schools of fishes, grouper and other kind of big fishes.
Reef Type: Drop off and coral reef slope. Acces: Beach entry or 10 minutes. Visibility: Moderate to excellent. Current: Slight. Coral: Variety of soft and hard coral. Fish: Variety species. Highlight: Wall. Other: Good for wide abgle photography.

Bali dive - Menjangan - North west bali
Menjangan - North West Bali
Menjangan is an understanding dive with excellent walls and very clear water-up to 50 meters visibility. There is also wreck at 30 meters, and superb coral gardens in just 5 - 7 meters. The tiny adjoining island 120 km north west of Denpasar, accessible by boat only 15 minutes from the maindland. This area is suitable for all season diving where magnificent underwater vistas will suprise even most seasoned diver. It is rich with all kinds of sponge, sea plants, coral and fish which streatches for miles and miles on end. This area is considered the diver's paradise in Bali and words alone can not describe it's beauty.
Reef Type: Wall, particularly rugged, wreck. Acces: 15 minutes by boat from Labuan lalang. Visibility: Excellent to superb 25 - 50 meters. Current: Slight. Coral: Excellent, abudant soft coral. Fish: Fantastic. Highlight: Deep wall, garden ells. Other: Reef shark are common seen here.

Bali dive - Gili Tepekong - Gili Biaha
Gili Tepekong - Gili Biaha
The costal sites in Amuk bay are shallow and undermanding with only occasional, nuld currents and visibility can be quite poor. The islands in front of Candidasa - Tepekong, Gili Mimpang and Gili Likuan offer excellent diving with a great variety of fish life, including many larger species. Temprature are usually low, and a 3 mm wet suit is almost essential. Currents can be strong and unpredictable, including downstream and surge.
Reef Type: Flat-bottomed, mised reef and some. Acces: 10-15 minutes by small boat from Candidasa. Visibility: Variable, poor to good, 6-20 meters. Current: Usually gentle but up to 3 knots. Coral: Scattered outcrops, fair variety. Fish: Good variety and numbers. Highlight: Titan tringgerfish, White tip reef sharks, stingray. Other: Reef sharks can be found here.

Nusa Penida - Lembongan
The dive site of Nusa Penida and nearby - Ceningan and Lembongan island require the longest boat and strong currents and surge make conditions tricky, although a good guide can usually find an alternative site. These are drop off dives, and the fish and coral veriety is excellent. The water can be quite cold because of upwelling.
Reef Type: Drop off, step slope. Acces: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours by boat from Padang bay. Visibility: Excelent, crystal clear water. Current: Moderate to very strong (4+ knots). Coral: Very good variety of hand corals and soft corals. Fish: Excellent variety, many pelagiscs. Highlight: Large school of sweerlips, howksbill turtle. Other: Can be very cold, current are upredictable.

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